Large scale investigations

Large scale investigations

last update on: 12/16/2022

A course explaining the role of large scale investigations (LSIs) within the context of adult support and protection (ASP) practices in Scotland.

Learning objectives/outcomes

  • To understand the key tasks involved in carrying out an LSI
  • Develop the skills and knowledge that informs an LSI
  • Understand the ASP principles in the context of an LSI and other principles in relation carrying out an LSI e.g. decision making
  • Understand the potential practice dilemmas and errors in carrying out an LSI
  • Develop an understanding of the key differences between carrying out a singular investigation and an LSI
  • Understand how to plan and structure an LSI
  • Understand relevant technical and legal concepts around contracts, contract law and reporting to third parties

Target staff groups for the training

  • Council Officers
  • Contract and Procurement staff
  • Care Providers
  • Nursing staff including community nursing and Acute staff (Emergency and Outpatient departments)
  • GPs
  • Community Pharmacy
  • Allied health, Oral health, OTs and physios
  • Managers of those undertaking LSIs and Senior Managers

Please note: Due to the sensitive nature of some of the material contained in this resource, access is restricted to those with a suitable professional interest in the subject, and will be restricted to those with appropriate local authority or NHS email addresses, or those from suitable associated organisations, only.

This course was created in partnership by Iriss and NASPC. We are grateful to all who contributed to its development.

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8 hours

Adult support and protection